Product Description

The Petrifilm™ Plate Reader Advanced is a compact instrument that automates the enumeration of 11 different Petrifilm™ Plates to enhance laboratory productivity and ensure accurate, consistent readings. Results are stored in the Petrifilm™ Plate Manager Software for data analysis.

Plates include: Rapid Aerobic Count, Rapid Coliform Count, Rapid E. coli/Coliform Count, Rapid Yeast and Mold Count, Aerobic Count, Coliform Count, Enterobacteriaceae Count, E. coli/Coliform Count, Select E. coli Count, Staph Express Count and Staph Express Disk.

  • Reads Petrifilm™ Plates in six seconds or less per plate using artificial intelligence to produce accurate results
  • Enumerates 11 different Petrifilm Plates to bring more productivity into your lab
  • Includes Petrifilm™ Plate Manager Software to perform insightful analyses that lead to more informed decision-making
  • Supports reading of several bar code symbologies for integration into laboratory processes


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