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Although there is no doubt that SCOTT® sets the bar when it comes to hygienic supplies, we believe there is always room for more—which is how the SCOTT® Hygienic Bathroom Tissue product was developed and brought into reality.

  • Provides a richer texture and a better wiping feel.
  • Guarantees one-at-a-time sheet dispensing, thereby reducing consumption by up to 40% as compared to standard roll tissues in some cases.
  • Eliminates stub roll waste, so customers use 100% of the tissues every time.
  • You only touch the sheets you’ll use, thereby ensuring utmost hygiene.
  • Tissues can be topped up, meaning you don’t have to wait for contents to be used up before refilling again, which is a common problem for standard roll tissues—this guarantees you always have supplies ready for your end users all the time.
  • The utmost in environment friendliness with regards to tissue technology, thereby reducing an establishment’s environmental impact.
  • More sceptic friendly, lessening the incidence of clogging toilet bowls.
  • A value format for customers who want to limit consumption while still ensuring tissue quantities are sufficient for end-users.
  • A regular ply format for that familiar hand feel that customers are accustomed to, minimizing reaction to a format change.
  • Ensures tissues are protected from contamination and common washroom elements like dust and water splashes, keeping contents hygienic.
  • Holds up to three packs of refill, which roughly translates to 6 standard tissue rolls, thereby reducing servicing/refilling time.
  • Minimizes, and in most cases, eliminates pilferage. Comes with an optional button if ever a customer wants to disarm the locking feature.
  • Enables you to monitor tissue refill levels without having to open the dispensers.
  • Durable and impact-resistant dispenser that doesn’t easily break, ensuring these systems work for you longer.
  • Easy to open, load, and close—thereby ensuring minimizing maintenance/refilling work
  • Contains 200 sheets per package (2-ply) and 300 sheets per package (1-ply)


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