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As the leading product in commercial-grade paper towels, SCOTT® Rolled Hand Paper Towels don't hold back on ensuring that any space they're placed in is thoroughly cleaned at all times, at all costs. With every sheet that you use, you'll get to use fewer supplies for less cleaning- related worries and even more sanitization than ever.

  • High capacity for lesser maintenance/monitoring and lesser storage space.
  • Acts a storage cabinet for paper towels since a full dispenser holds an equivalent of around 8 regular paper towels.
  • Compact winding technology allows for the longest meter length per roll in the market.
  • Made with AIRFLEX* technology for superior strength and absorbency, making one sheet enough for one hand drying event.
  • Longer towel format for better hand coverage.
  • Hygienically sealed.
  • Made of mixed fibers, and is bulk-packed for lesser impact on environment.
  • Forest Stewardship Council Certified.
  • Dispenser “auto-cuts” sheets smoothly, precisely, minimizing sheet back-feeding in every stroke.
  • Sloping dispenser design for easier, one-wipe cleaning, and prevents items from being placed on top.
  • Roll format eliminates wastage from clump dispensing and falling sheets from dispensers.
  • Dispenser feed-knob allows for manual dispensing of sheets when needed.
  • Impact-resistant dispenser resists most types of user abuse.
  • Dispenser viewing window allows for easier monitoring of refills.
  • Sleek, cutting edge dispenser design is sure to boost an establishment’s image
  • Contains 1000 sheets per roll


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